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How beautiful is the World

All place is beautiful. Everyone realistic people want to be a man like nature. Here is a picture that define the how much beautiful is nature. Every place is beautiful but some place is most beautiful. This place has extra ordinary things to publish natural beauty. Most preferred countries of the world for traveling are Bangladesh, India, Nepal for really to see nature. And in Europe has Spain, Denmark, New Zeland etc. Originally here has the different things for our enchantment. Like between America & Canada  Naigra Jalopropat wow…! its really awesome. Specially always  i will say about Bangladesh reason here has the worlds most preferred beautiful place for traveling. I think every Bangalis are lucky cause they are born in the resource of beauty, Bangladesh. But another one is which one i preferred for beauty this country is India. Than i prefer the Europe for traveling to see the nature. "natural beauty"


Bangladesh is the resource of beauty. For that reason famous writer Rabindranath Tagore said “The Queen of all Countries”. Now in our country has the mostly beautiful place than other place of world. Here i add a picture to prove Bangladesh’s beauty. When I contact with any foreign people they said that you live in the seventh heaven. Yeah it’s really a seventh heaven because it has charming place which attract the people’s concentration. This picture represent the actual natural beauty of Bangladesh. If you want visit this charming place you have to go to enjoy with nature. I taken this picture form Bandorban.  "Source of Beauty"

Golden Temple, Bandorban

Bandorban is a resource of beauty. The Golden temple is known in local language as kyang. Its prove that Bangladesh has the sky scrappers natural beauty. Every yeary many tourists come here to see that titanic beautiful place. It situated in the Balaghata, Bandorban, Chittagong. Its created by the Buddha Dhatu. Dhatu means material remains of a holy person and in this temple the relics belong to Buddha. Its really a beautiful place. It is one of the natural scenario of beautiful Bangladesh.This temple convey memory of buddist religion and here has many trace of that. "Golden temple"

Ruma, Bandorban

Bandorban is too beautiful place. It has charmful nature. Here has many trace of natural beauty. In the picture you can see the river named “Sangu”. This river enhance the beauty of Bandorban. Our country’s aborigine live near that river. This river’s beauty are brightened in the Ruma Upozilla. Every year many tourist went to the Bandorban and saw this nature and they felt some pleasant moment. "Sangu river near hill"

Saint-Martin, Coxs-bazar

Saint-Martin is one of the “Coral Island” in Bangladesh. Every year many tourists come into this place.  Coral stone is the main attraction of this place. In this place oceanic water color is drawing blue. Every tourist-er said about that nature wow that is too nice! This Saint-Martin are situated in Coxs-bazar district. "Coral Island"

This is too charm-full place. Already this place taken reputation. General people called this place “Rajbari”. This is the historical place because here has ancient trace of “Sen Bongsh”. This place situated near Shalbon Bihar, Comilla. We are really happy that we have beautiful place like that these carry our ancient information. "Rajbari, Comilla"

This is too beautiful place. This place are in the Cantonment, Comilla. We really feel proud with this place. This the historical place and here is the second world war warriors rapture. I can ensure that if anyone saw that he/she will be jovial with that.  "Beautiful Comilla"

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